Asking For It

There’s certainly virtue in going out and getting something that we want. Putting everything else around us to well beyond the periphery, in order to get what we need to get. Something that has had me interested over the last 12...
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Do Humans and Nature Need to Make a Split?

Right now we’re fucking up the environment. That much is true. Based on old religious and economic doctrines, our belief that Mother Earth is ours to rape and pillage, is slowly but surely stripping her bare and playing a hand...
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Pressure on the Path

Times come up where the magnitude of what we’re undertaking seems almost insurmountable. To let go of constructs that have kept us firmly comfortable, yet left us feeling quiet discontent, and embark on a path that while it feels ‘true’...
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The When Word

When the right time comes then I’ll do it.  That sentence may be the most used in our vocabulary, especially with our inner dialogue.  It brings about the whole notion of, ‘Are we ever really ready?’ And if not, what’s...
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Back to the Keyboard

Everything in life can be seen as a meditation. Going out and coming back in again. Seasons. Chinese Medicine wheel. Yet most of our vocation practices do not follow this ebb and flow. But that’s how we as human beings...
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Adrian Snary Unlearning #65 – Honi Borden – The New Way

In this episode Honi Borden and I discuss the energy behind Washington DC, from the light to the shadow, and look at where we are heading in these times of great change. Episode 65 Play in new window...
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Travelling and Technology

I’m sitting in the garden of a cafe in San Marcos, Guatemala with an invisible connection that spans the entire globe. The wifi Gods have made their way to the middle of Guatemala, to a town of 3000 people, far away...
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The People and the Place

I’m writing this seventeen days into an experience in San Marcos, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala that has been in a word, expansive. I’m two and a half months into a journey throughout North and Central America that comes at a pivotal time in...
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Goodbye’s Aren’t Forever, We’re In Forever

One evening almost three years ago I was sitting at my kitchen table in Perth, FB messaging a friend of mine who was in Brisbane. All of a sudden she said someone had ‘come to her’. She then mentioned a...
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Real Life Walking Angels

I was asked recently to write about the impact women have had on my life. It’s a tough thing to do in written form. There are women in my life who are real life walking angels, I never thought it...
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