At this moment I’m in Fremantle, Australia for a couple of weeks as I work to ground and integrate the experiences I had overseas. I’m not really creating anything at the moment and instead resting in a state of peace and allowing for that which I can manifest to come to me.

My mission is to help others be empowered in their autonomy. For us to all feel our divinity through our uniqueness and use that knowing to be in service to others.

Some ways I do this are through my:



Facebook Group

Each of the forums above are as much for me to ‘unlearn’ and relearn from my true perspective, as much as they are for anyone who comes across them. Not learning from someone else’s ideology but from our own innate intuition. I feel this type of learning is important for everyone.

Now is where it’s at… sink into it for a moment.

‘Be here now.’ – Ram Dass

Thanks to Derek Sivers for inspiring this Now page 🙂